Instrument Hoses

Instrument Hoses Reliable, long lasting and efficient delivery of water, air and power for Dental Instruments. A wide variety of ergonomi Read more

Power Systems

Power Systems Instrument Power Systems for Light sources and Micro Motors. Devices are with optional electrical and pneumatic control Read more

Instrument Bulbs

Instrument Bulbs Denlux offers both the normal Xenon bulb and the new LED bulb in various designs to fit several different dental instrum Read more

Pulp Tester - Pulppen

Pulp Tester - Pulppen Easy-to-operate and practical Pulp testers with high accuracy. No shock - Painless for the patient. No wires - Battery P Read more

Top Products at Denlux

  1. Pulppen B1000 Analogue - Pulp tester

  2. Pulppen DP2000 Digital - Pulp tester

  3. LP2 light power supply 3,2 V / 700 mA

    LP2 light power supply 3,2 V / 700 mA Power source for 2 instrument bulbs
  4. Denlux bulb type 2

    Denlux bulb type 2 Fits W&H Turbines